‘Your Life Doesn’t Change By Chance, Your Life Changes By Choice!’

When you have a combination of
Self Help and Self Hypnosis trained by
leading Hypnotist Mark Anthony
you’ll have everything you need to
potentially ‘Change Your Life!’


‘Your Life Doesn’t Change By Chance, Your Life Changes By Choice!’

When you have a combination of Self Help and Self Hypnosis trained by leading Hypnotist Mark Anthony you’ll have everything you need to potentially ‘Change Your Life!’



This Course Is Life Changing!

If you don’t know what to do to overcome adversities, how to be a happier, more positive person, how to de-stress during exams, uni, work, driving tests, or any other stressful situations, be more motivated, be more assertive, or how to empower yourself, then this course is for you!

We Make It A Fun Day Of Learning Too!

‘I walked in with an open mind not knowing what to expect. Much to my surprise, you both explained everything clearly making it easier to understand and the hands-on skills were a great idea.

Thanks for your help and explaining of Self Hypnosis and would love to come back to another class hopefully with someone open-minded like myself. Thank you, Love & Light’

Nirmela Brennan




This course is ideal for anybody ages 11 years and up, so bring your children, your friends, loved ones, and work colleagues!

Self-hypnosis or another word for it is Auto Hypnosis which is a form, a process, or the result of a ‘self-induced’ hypnotic state known as the trance state, or a form of deeper mediation with an end goal. Frequently, self-hypnosis is used as a vehicle to enhance the efficacy of self-suggestion; and, in such cases, the subject is in fact the suggester and suggestee, hence the term ‘Self Hypnosis’.

Hypnosis Is A Naturally Occurring Mind/Body State, That When Used Purposely With The Acquired Knowledge Of The Workings Of The Mind, It Can Create Lasting Positive Effects, It Can Also Create Positive Change In How People Respond To Each Other.


  • ⇒  Sleep more peacefully 
  • ⇒  Increase self-esteem
  • ⇒  Increase self-worth
  • ⇒  Improve memory
  • ⇒  Reduce exam nerves
  • ⇒  Clear unwanted emotions
  • ⇒  Clear inner self-talk (monkey chatter)
  • ⇒  Reduce stress levels
  • ⇒  Get rid of fears and phobias
  • ⇒  Self-analysis testing
  • ⇒  Establish a connection with your                      unconscious mind                                     
  • ⇒  Set and achieve goals
  • ⇒  Get rid of bad habits
  • ⇒  Get self-motivated and empower                        yourself                                    
  • ⇒  Learn pain relief techniques
  • ⇒  Stop smoking
  • ⇒  Lose weight
  • ⇒  Create your own self-hypnosis                            recordings                           
  • ⇒  Membership to Private Facebook  group
  • ⇒  Much more


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is possibly the most powerful tool in the world today for implementing many wonderful changes within a person’s life. Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and although it has been seen by many as black magic, the cult, a little weird, a little wonderful, and on many occasions as very mysterious, the real truth is that all ailments in our lives can be addressed using hypnosis!

What can hypnosis be used for?

As a therapy, hypnosis can be used for changing behaviour, overcoming fears and phobias, conquering stress and anxiety, breaking bad or damaging habits, losing weight, personal development, beating depression, sexual issues, bedwetting, and much more. (anorgasmia, erections, premature ejaculation)

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis has been around for centuries, the ancient Egyptians used sleep temples many thousands of years ago, Doctors, Psychologists, and many other professionals use hypnosis with their clients on a daily basis with great success.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of the mind, and once in that relaxed state of mind, you are bypassing the conscious mind (the monkey chatter mind) and suggesting greater and better things to your unconscious mind which is where wonderful changes take place.

What is selfhelpnosis?

SELFHELPNOSIS is a unique method developed by Mark Anthony as a tool for self-change.

It’s a combination of Self Help and Self Hypnosis, a very powerful combination when used properly, and in the right way,  can be hugely beneficial to anybody who uses it.


Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody from ages 11 years and upwards who want more out of life.

It’s for those people who want to take a different path in their lives, and go from a path of destruction to a path of success, freedom, better health, love, to live a much better future.

Who is training the course?

Hypnotist Mark Anthony is the trainer for this 1-day life-changing course, the man who has used the skills and tools taught in the course to help turn his life around.


What Our Past Course Attendees Say

Extremely Interesting

I just wanted to share my appreciation & gratitude for your Learn Self Hypnosis course. 

You did a fantastic job, it was extremely interesting, helpful, and easy to follow.

– Monique H

Taught Me To Better Myself

It was good for me and I am so happy to be at the course with my Mum and Dad too.

The course has taught me to use my mind to better myself in whatever I put my mind to.

– Goldie

You Will Kick Yourself If You Don’t Attend

You will kick yourself if you don’t attend.

I had so many questions, I now have answers to things and actions, they all now make sense.

Mark is amazing and very understanding, he offers loads of useful tips and information, well worth the time and money to do this course.

– Brendan W

Mark’s story

Who Is Hypnotist Mark Anthony?

Mark Anthony is an Author, an International stage and clinical hypnotist of nearly 18 years, speaker, trainer, and coach, and is now one of Australia’s most recognised hypnotists.

However, Mark’s life wasn’t always like this, Mark’s life has changed dramatically.

Mark went through more hardships and adversities than most people, and he still turned his life around, and that’s why he believes that YOU can too!

Mark grew up in housing commissions, with a single mother, was a 30 a day smoker, unhealthy and overweight, Mark had no confidence, no self esteem, no self worth, he grew up around domestic violence, children’s homes, detention centre (young offenders prison), abuse, drugs and much more, hence why Mark is able to relate to so many of his clients and other people who attend his courses.

Mark changed his own life by using the power of his own mind, and the tools and skills which he discovered over many years through trial and error, and now he’s ready to teach YOU the same skills and give you the same tools that he has used to change his life!

Mark says; It wasn’t an easy road, but when I realised I was heading down the wrong road, ‘I’ had to make the choice to change the direction in which I was heading, and no matter what adversities I went through I kept moving forward.

Believe me when I tell you, I wanted to quit many times, it has never been easy, and i’ve never been handed anything on a silver platter, but just like the quote from Sir Winston Churchill says “if you’re going through hell, just keep going, don’t stop in hell”, and I did, I kept going and learnt from my mistakes and mishaps!

Although I can be sympathetic and empathetic in many respects, I’m also very direct with what I say on some occasions… here’s why…
I want you to ‘move forward in a positive and empowering way, to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, to be more proud of yourself, be a role model to your children, your grandchildren, your friends’, and Self HelpNosis can do that for you with my help!
Feel free to read My Life Story, you’ll realise that if I can do it, ‘you can too’!

Video Testimonials Coming Soon

Video Testimonials Coming Soon

Video Testimonials Coming Soon

Video Testimonials Coming Soon

The Secrets To Using Your Mind To Overcome
Adversities And Issues Other Hypnotists Won’t Tell You

Control Your Own Self


»   Learn how to Sleep Like A Baby, even if you have had sleep issues for years

»   Learn how to Stay Calm and Relaxed in any situation

»   Learn how to be more Assertive than you ever dreamed of

Stop Bad Habits


»   Learn how Stop Smoking easily, even if you’ve smoked for years

»   Learn how to Lose Weight and Control Your Weight

»   Learn how to Stop Procrastinating… FOREVER!

Install A Brand New You Blueprint


»   Learn how to be Super Confident, even if you’ve never felt confident before

»   Learn how to Love Yourself more than ever before

»   Learn how to have more Self Worth than you ever thought possible


What Our Past Course Attendees Say

This Course Offers ‘Real World’

Today’s course was well structured and easy to follow. Mark used actual real-life examples to further reinforce his message. 

As a ‘self-help’ course I believe that this course offers ‘Real World’ frameworks within which one can overcome many issues and adversities. 

When compared with other courses covering Self-Improvement, Mark’s course provides excellent value for money.

– Tony P

Enjoyable And Useful Even As A Psychiatrist Of 40 Years

I personally found the workshop very enjoyable and useful, even as a Psychiatrist of 40 years it has broadened my horizons.

Mark is a very good inspirational speaker and obviously, a great hypnotist, not to mention an inspirational person turning his life around the way he did, thank you Mark.

– Dr. Youliana M

I Thoroughly Enjoyed The Course

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I’ve learned so much about the mind, my own mind in ways that can help me through my day, with my daily activities as a wife, Mum, and as a person. 

I look forward to getting started with my Self Hypnosis to empower me and develop better in everything I put my mind to – Thank you Mark

– Josina S